International Foundation of Technology and Investment (IFTI) is a not-for-profit non-government organization created to support development of science, education and culture in the Russian Federation. Since October 2000, IFTI collaborates closely with international industrial companies, research centers, different agencies and programs to facilitate their cooperation with Russian institutes and universities in most promising areas of science and technology. The mainstream activity of IFTI is organization, support and professional management of R&D projects aimed at creation of innovative products and technologies. Since 2000 IFTI supported more than 500 projects involving over 10,000 Russian researchers, professors and artists.

IFTI is mandated directly by the Russian Government (Resolutions #MF-P7-3733 of June 19, 2004 and #AG-P7-4499 of August 4, 2004) to select and develop the most promising innovative technologies created within the Russian state-owned research organizations into the full-scale production.

According to the Decree of the Russian Government #936 of November 27, 2010, “On amendment of the list of Russian organizations whose grants issued to taxpayers in support of science, education, art and culture in the Russian Federation are exempt from taxation” the grant payments of IFTI to physical and legal persons in Russia are tax-free.

Chairman of the Board: Yury I. Cherches.

Chief Executive Officer: Natalia A. Yanul.

For further details of IFTI’s activity please refer to the section Main Activities of IFTI. Main Partners of IFTI are listed here.


We moved!

Dear partners and grantees IFTI ! Dear colleagues and associates! We moved into the MSU…

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